Boon After Dark 2021

Lighting up the night 

This year Boon After Dark is running from Saturday 18th Sept - Sunday 14th Nov!

Inspired by illuminated sculpture events in other cities around the world Boon After Dark came into being in 2019. Boon after Dark events are free for all the family, and accessible for all. Check here or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for up to the minute details.


Boon After Dark 2021 is here!

This year taking place in both Garden Place and Victoria On The River, Octopoda by Amigo and Amigo, Full Spectrum by Anthony van Dorsten and Deep Thought by Hybycozo will provide great fun for all!

Giant lantern.JPG

The first Boon After Dark in 2019 took place in Garden Place with Hybycozo. This event featured a series of large-scale installations investigating geometric exploration through light, shadow, and perception.

Shrooms 132.png

These giant glowing mushrooms from Shrooms by Amigo and Amigo, were playful in nature and created a work that illuminated at night and provided a cheerful and colourful spectacle during the day.